Urban Photographer Day Tour In Barcelona

From EUR €95.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Barcelona , Barcelona
  • Product code: PHOTOBCN

A photographer needs time to dwell in one place and find his "decisive moment" ... and this is the purpose of these trips. If you stick to analog cameras and movies or boast a new digital camera, it does not really matter - all photographers have something in common: the desire to see from another angle, to perpetuate a moment that will not come back. Barcelona is a city of contrasts, a city that changes, wears and takes shape and looks different at different times of the day... This is a dynamic city and so is this trip. Here we are not committed to any particular course - events, figures, and colors dictate the course of events.

We will start the trip at a local café, where we will talk a bit about what makes a city unique, exchange views, get to know the photographic equipment and set off. We will take pictures of familiar places, but we will also reach places where the tourists hardly come - we will see the other face of Barcelona ... The trip will be accompanied by a photographer who is also a tour guide. The participant on this trip will have an opportunity to get to know the city with a guide and to see it through the eyes of the photographer. We will finish the trip with a good meal at one of the city's restaurants. For those interested, there is a possibility of filming in hidden corners along the Costa Brava, a place that inspired artists such as Dali and Picasso (at a price)